ProTeam: Playing with Proteins (Mini Class!)
Fri. July 20th – Sat. 21st 2017 $45 – $130

Techniques in protein chemistry are utilized in practically every aspect of biomedical research. With the advances in decoding the human genome, there is now much to explore about the functions and roles of the genes encoded. Join us to learn the basics of protein biology as we isolate, quantify, and specifically identify proteins from bacteria. We will also discuss the applications of protein chemistry and how it impacts the biomedical sciences.
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Build-A-Gene Course (now more CRISPR)
5 Saturdays 10AM-2PM, July 29th -August 26th 2017 $130 – $325

A course covering cutting-edge topics in gene manipulation. No previous lab experience necessary-while the concepts are extraordinary, this course is appropriate for those with no lab experience. Learn how to build genes from scratch, how to change and mutate DNA, work with the revolutionary CRISPR technology that is taking the research world by storm!
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Synthetic Biology Wikipedia Editathon
Sat, July 8, 2017 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT $0 – $1

BUGSS is supremely excited to have a team of expert Wikipedians on July 8th from 12-5pm! They will show anyone interested in contributing and improving the quality and accuracy Wikipedia! This will be specific to a subject near and dear to DIY bio labs: Synthetic Biology! This is an incredible way for scientists to benefit by engaging with a FREE and OPEN ACCESS source of reliable science information that anyone can use. This is a useful skill to show on grant applications, resumes, or just for some good and fun outreach!
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Biosafety and Biosecurity for BUGSS Members
Fri, June 30, 2017 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT Free

BUGSS members are invited to the lab THIS FRIDAY for our BioSafety and BioSecurity training! Come to the lab for the lecture and get a tour of our lab with an EMPHASIS on safety! This training is for our members so they can use our lab and be safe, ethical and respectful members of our bio-community! Not a member yet and would like to be? Please email Sarah at [email protected] for more information!
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Lab Skills Night! Protein Isolation!
June 2017 $0-$15

Protein Isolation: You (may) have isolated DNA before, you (may) have cut it up and put in new genes, amplified billions of copies of it, and even run in through an agarose gel. That is all “old hat”.. Now it is time to isolate a protein! We will go through a short protocol (2 hrs) to isolate DNA Taq Polymerase from bacterial cultures!
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Does it Glow or No?
Sat, June 10, 2017 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT  $20 – $60

Join us for a few hours to explore how well disinfectants work, using bioluminescent bacteria as a marker! Great introductory mini workshop to get busy in the lab working with bacteria and how we can use them for research. We will generate some data in class on different disinfectants. Anyone middle-school-aged to adult will enjoy this short hands-on session!
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